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Psychological Thriller

My three friends and I are walking outside the movie theater. My friends Frank, John, and Debra are discussing the movie we just saw, I Robot. It is around 5pm and the sun is just starting to set. The movie theater is covered in movie release dates and advertisement. The ticket booth is closed and the old cracked sidewalk is covered in gum. There is a crowd of impatient people pushing behind us. It is Thursday evening and there is a sea of cars on the road. There is constant honking in the parking lot. I was looking for my car keys in my pocket with a Sea World key chain on it.

Once I found my keys, I unlocked the doors and let my friends into my brown 2003 Honda civic. The engine was very old and sometimes had trouble starting. After waiting awhile, we were fortunately able to get a jury-rig start from one of the movie theater employees that just got off from work. We all thanked him and went on our way. By the time I dropped off Frank, the last person in the car, it was pitch black outside.

While driving home I ran into every red light. At the red light closest to my house, I saw a person that looked to be about four feet tall completely covered in a vast variety of coats, blankets, and rain jackets. I began to wonder why a person would wear such ridiculously massive amounts of coats on this hot and sweat drenching summer night. As the person was walking toward the car, I could tell this person had shades on, but when I was getting a better look at that person's face, a car behind me blew its horn, it was a green light.

After that, the rest of the drive home went faster than usually. I had a slight urge to get home as soon as possible. Of course, the cop at the entrance of my neighborhood caught me speeding and wrote me a ticket. While the cop was writing the ticket, he asked me for the time, when I reached over to the heavily used passenger seat to look at my cell phone for the time, I saw the same eerie figure that I saw back at the red light on the side-walk.

Eventually, after many attempts to get my attention, from the cop, I told the cop the time and he asked me "Is everything okay?"

I impulsive answered, "Yes," but seconds later asked the question, "Who is that person on the other side walk?"

The cop told me, "I will look into it," which did not put me at ease at all. When I stopped at the four way intersection, half a mile away from my house, I glanced at my rear view mirror. I saw the same shadowy figure again. A never ending sense of horror began at my head, shivered down my spine, and eventually went to my feet. After that shiver of fear ended, I floored the petal; I could hear my heart throbbing like a train coming down the tracks. I sped right passed my house and began to make loops around my neighborhood in hopes of losing the shadowy figure. I noticed that many of the street lights were not on, I first thought nothing of it but, after a while of looping, I noticed how less and less street lights were staying on every loop plus it was starting to rain.

Since I did not see anyone around, I decided to head home. The drive only took a few minutes but, it felt like hours to me. I parked my car in the drive way and darted to my house. By accident, I left my book bag in the car so, I had to run back and get it. When I got to my front door, I started searching my pocket for my house key when the door suddenly opened. It was my father wondering where I had been, since it was midnight already. I made up some excuses and entered my home.

I stumbled down the hall into my room and turned in an attempt to calm my restless nerves. Five minutes after I turned the television on, I heard a cracking noise from the wooden fence next to the oversized window in my room. I slowly crept over to my window and slightly lifted my blinds to peak out the window. I could see a black outline of a figure which caused me to take a step back in terror. It did not look like the black outline had noticed me, but I noticed it was starting to look around. A few minutes later the outline sat on the ground in the rain putting something together. Curious as I was, I could not see much of anything thing, so I quietly sneaked through my door and headed to the back porch. Due to the extremely loud rain and flashy lighting, the shadowy outline did not hear me but, for some mysterious reason it looked up and noticed my shadow. It started sprinting toward me with a long slender object raised in his hands ready to strike. I quickly stumbled down to hide from it but, there was no hope because the shadowy figure already was slamming loudly on my screen door trying to slash open the screen mesh to unlock the latch from the inside. I was two feet away from the latch. I imminently panicked and started looking for the nearest weapon, shield, or whatever that could protect me from it. All I quickly gather was a chain-saw from the hurricane season we had here in Florida. I had much experience cutting trees down, but not sawing people in half. I opened the case and primed the chain-saw so it was ready to start.
Then it happen, the person attacking my screen door had finally gotten in which started a ripple of chills down my spine. My palms grew clammy; I began perspiring all over and could hear and feel my heart throbbing rapidly inside of me. I was so terrified that I could not even look at its face. The shadowy figure began to raise the long slender weapon in its hands getting ready to murder me then, I instantaneously started the chain-saw and let out a panic filled scream at the top of my lungs, "Go away!,". Quickly, I swung the high speed chain-saw toward the body of the shadowy figure. This caused sparks to fly and an ear shattering metallic scraping sound. All of a sudden, the shadowy figure dropped his weapon and fled from the scene.

Five seconds later, my parents kick down the porch door and pulled out a twelve gauge shotgun, which I did not even know we had one, and said, "FREEZE!"

I quickly explained to them what happened had while I was walking away from the frightening incidence. Minutes later, we called the police. The police came in literally seconds, and they secured the perimeter with police dogs and helicopters. Each police man carried loaded shotguns ready to fire if they saw anything. The police stayed there all night but, the Shadowy figure never made its presence know again. They told me that I got off lucky, when I asked why, they never answered.

The next day, I went to school at 7:30am. While watching the morning announcements they talked about how a military grade robot had escaped The United States military custody. They mentioned that the robot escaped around 10pm yesterday. It made me wonder...

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