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Gamerism - A Fun Story!

It all began not too long ago on a little place called Earth. It was a thriving planet that was considered a nature reserve. The planet was visited many times by different life forms under the close eye of the International Police de Universe (IPU). One day, that all changed

It was an unusually long day of high school, the football players were screaming along with a noisy lunch room and a quiet library. There were kid's playing card games, students' dancing in the court yard, and music was pumping throughout the school. There was supposed to be a pep rally today but of course nothing ever goes according to plan, nothing.

It all started when there was a bright flash in the sky. It made the sun look like a dim flash light. Everyone everywhere just stopped, looking up while blocking the sun with their hands. Everyone was frozen with fear or curiosity, who knows? As the shiny orb got closer everyone began chattering. One girl said, "What is that?" Another man responded with, "I don't know." Then without warning, the ships multiplied one hundred fold and they attacked. Beams of light shot down toward the school and surrounding areas, vaporizing whatever it touched. Now these ships where not friendly, not at all. Those beams they fired down only affected select individuals. For some reason, there was some type of barrier around the social "nerds". Scientists are still baffled but, they believe this phenomenon is due to the continuous exposer to video games. When they performed MRIs (Magnetic resonance imaging) scans, they noticed that the constant exposure to video games had altered their brains' chemical balance and had given them some type of super power. The only trouble is, when the nerds are forming this barrier, they are defenseless inside the barrier. Of course, alliances were made.

In good fashion, the nerds and the football players united and formed their own separate society. Many people saw the nerds as some type of alien themselves and killed them but they were too dumb to realize it was a blessing in disguise. The United States and other nations were too powerful to realize the potential power of nerds. In a sense, they were separated from society as a whole and formed a new type of religion so to speak.

Since, the invading ships covered the world, many groups of nerds and football players united into a religion called Gamerism. After a while of attacking the planet, the life forms inside the ships got out to search for any remaining humans in the cracks and cervices in the world. They discovered these Gamerism groups. After a while of attacking, they discovered who formed the magical barrier protecting the society. On the outside, the nerds formed a mental barrier and on the inside the football players formed a physical barrier protecting the nerds. Often times the aliens would mind control a human to get inside the mental barrier, thus the reason for the physical barrier. Due to this fact, for a new member to enter, an initiation must occur.

I was one of the first members in the society who formed the society so they just called me the leader. I developed certain rules to enter our safe haven. First the outsider must mentally clear his mind by answering a series of human type questions, such as, "What is your favorite movie?" or "What is your favorite TV show?" These questions proved that the outsider was not physically being controlled. Next, he had to memorize different game titles, game manuals, and play video games for hours to reduce his chances of be controlled. Often times, individuals thought this was foolish and one hundred percent of the time the outsider was under mind control techniques. The Aliens were feeding upon the weakness in our brain to crash the society as a whole.

Now, it was just another standard day in the Gamerism society when a bright flash occurred once again. The world was covered in more ships but of a blue color and glow. These ships flashed with red and white lights. They began to fire shiny beams at the invading ships. The ships were destroyed one by one until they were all gone.

After the chaos was all over, one ship came down toward our last remaining Gamerism strong hold. We all noticed a shiny orb come out of the ship which took the form of a human and could speak English. He informed us of the situation, we were just simply under attack by a bunch of harvesters. They were attacking us to get to the Earth's natural resources. We were told that everything would be okay. It would all go back to normal. I then screamed, "What about all the dead people!!?" The alien human replied, "Just wake up Tom, Tom, Get up!" My vision began to blur, I see my friend Raymond shaking me. He then spoke, "Tom that was the second bell. The tardy bell will be ringing in another two minutes so we must get to class!" I sat up and began to wonder. Did I just wake up from a dream, or did it really happen?

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