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Too Much on the Plate

"No Benson, stop eating the glue!" "Great Benson, now Debra is crying again." "No, do not start crying Benson;" "I was not..." Frank looks up at the clock. "I am late for school." A common complaint today is people complaining that there are not enough hours in the week to do everything. The only sure way to live up to live up to this complaint is to be like Frank. His life is immersed by playing sports, going to college, working, homework, studies, playing video games, and taking care of two kids.

Frank has a variety of activities he does during school and after school. He plays a vast amount of sports including basketball, volley ball, soccer, tennis, and hockey. Every day he has a different practice to go to which lasts four hours long each. Frank is also the team captain for each team, so he has to have his drills pre-approved forty-eight hours in advance by the coach before practice starts. Likewise, Frank is taking nineteen credit hours at Harvard University. He maintains a perfect 4.0 grade point average in all of his honors classes.

Furthermore, Frank works at Sears as a manager. He completes an assortment of activities while working. He has to advocate hiring employees, putting their hours into the computer, and writing their pay check. Additionally, he has to order new products, ship sold products, pay the stores monthly bills, and put the cash register money into the safe every day. He does all this in only twenty-five hours of a long and stressful week. Most often he has to pick up the slack of the other managers and cover their shifts. Often he does not get paid for doing so.

When Frank finishes working, he comes home to do his homework. He has to stay current on all of his classes. Plus, he has to write ten page papers every other day. Subsequential, his course load requires many long hours of studying. Along with homework, he also maintains taking care of two kids as a single parent. Frank's kids are Benson who is three years old and Debra who is one year old. To top it off, he plays video games ten hours a week. He plays Halo, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Startcraft. Frank is the leader of his guild, who manages raid invites, adding new guild members, deciding who gets loot, and what bosses they are going to fight that night.

"Did the kids behave...Good" "I have had no free time today." Getting enough sleep the night before is crucial for Frank. If Frank had learned to manage a workable load, maybe he would have less on his plate and more time to do things. He must wear ten watches to maintain his life style. It is pretty clear that Frank has no time to lose. I am glad I am not Frank!

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