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Todays Rights for Children

In today's world, a person under the age of 18 is considered a child. This writer believes that child rights should not be "what they should have" but, what they deserve to have. It is far too often that children's rights are broken every day and since they are children, little news is mentioned on this subject matter. This writer feels that this is just wrong. Children deserve to express their opinion any and all possible chance they get. For example, a child's parents are fighting over which school they should send their son or daughter to. If the child attempted to input information in this argument then, an imminent back lash would occur from both parents. This writer feels that parents today are not polite enough to their children. This is mainly due to the intense stress that parents put on their children daily to succeed. At first thought, most people would preach, "If we do not push our children, then how they successes will?" The definition of "push" means to press or urge to some action or course. This writer believes that parents today do a little too much "pushing" on their children. Yes, children do need motivational encouragement but, motivational encouragement has turned into punishment. Parents are taking students cell phones, games, and television time away just to encourage students to do well. This writer feels this is wrong because they should not be taking those things away, they should just not give to the student what they promised if they did well.

Other mandated rights that children should have are an adequate standard of living, home health care, services, to play, a balanced diet, the right to be protected from abuse, neglect, exploitation, discrimination including the right for safe children's environments and a constructive child rearing behavior. Children have to be protected from child labor which is hazardous to the child's health and it can prevent him/her from going to school. All work is prohibited for children under twelve. No child can be tortured or other cruel treatment. Children should be supplied with benefits provided by the relationships and upbringing by their parents. If things go wrong, the government must interfere to protect the child from parental abuse and neglect.

Child labor laws are a pretty controversial issue. Parents are demanding a return for investing their time, money, and energy into their children. This writer feels that before parents should have children they should have a job that can support the current family and future family members. The fact that parents want additional support shows one of a few things. One, the parents did not plan for the child's future well being or an unexpected event occurred for example, hurricane, earth quake, or an economic downturn. In both cases, there is usually a better solution than forcing their kids to work, for example, federal aid.

Another major issue that parents had a few years ago is school officials beating the children at school. Parents were terrified seeing their children come home with injuries from minor bruises to head trauma. The parents were demanding a change in school policy. School officials were reluctant but after a few years of debate. The policy was changed.

Children deserve to have rights. Children's rights should not be broken daily and alternatives show be used. Children should not be abused, neglected, or tortured. Children deserve education with proper motivation not abusive. Parents should have a support foundation down before they have a family to avoid and particular problem and children should be allowed to express themselves freely without hazing.

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