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The Beauty of Texting

"Hey, did you get my text message? You didn't? Oh! I know why, my class was in building four. I wonder why they make those walls so thick. Couldn't they put a window some where in there?" In today's learning environment, it is amazing how they don't allow texting in school. Just think of how quiet the class rooms would be while a teacher is teaching. How fast note taking would be with the average student texting at two thousands words a minute. It's not like they would send mindless text messages like, "What did you do this weekend?" or "We should go to the movies after this." Students in High School are far more dedicated and motivated to allow those simple minded thoughts to interfere with note taking.

Learning has no start or stop bell in High School, look at lunch. Students are hard at work during lunch writing and sending constant notes to their friends. I once saw someone backing up their educational thoughts on Facebook. Texting enhances writing skills as well because it is always written with all the grammar rules intact.

Even when students are walking to their next class, they are diligently staying in constant communication; they couldn't possibly miss that Frank dumped Debra. Some students care so much about their education, they learn while the teacher is looking. The thought of suspension or detention from a teacher does not even stop some of the brightest minds here. There is only one small problem, those administrators; they seem to be around almost every single day. They even have the nerve to stop you from watching videos on Youtube. The vast amount of educational knowledge that website contains far surpasses any kind of school. It's no wonder why students complain when their phone gets taken away. Think about all of those lost hours of educational potential they are missing. Plus the thought of one hundred and four unread messages by the time they get their phone back. This harsh occurrence happens daily in High Schools. "Oh wait! I have a signal now; I'll talk to you later. It's time to learn again."

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