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No Religion is universal; there is always some disagreement between how the world was truly formed. They all have different elements in the story that a person can compare and contrast. This can especially be seen in both Christianity and Native American mythology. Likewise, they all follow the same steps in the creation process which are chaos, stages, and fall.

The dominate thing to note is that Christianity and Native American myths have a very much different chaos in the beginning. According to Christianity, "God created the heavens and the earth"(Thury 51). In Native American myths the sun took pity on them and covered there world in light. This basically shows how the world already existed for them but in Christianity God had to create it. When it came to the first people God made them in Christianity but in Native American the sun had to shine its rays on the mist to form the first sons. Two boys were made. Christianity continues further by saying God created dry land, vegetation, and creating man in his image. At first God created only Adam, it took God three tries to make a woman he would like, Eve. He did this eventually by taking one of Adam's ribs.

Subsequently, both myths have a very different stages process. In Native American, the two boys explored the land for its beauty and on the fourth day they began to work. Then they began to explore the different worlds. They eventually found the priest of the north, south, east, and west. While in Christianity, after Adam and Eve were made they lay around mostly until the serpent tricked them to eating the tree of knowledge. Then they sewed a fig leaf to cover up because with this new knowledge the realized they were naked. God kicked them out of the garden. Besides the complete different story, the Native Americans had to work. While in Christianity, they were just relaxing. The Native American had to explore and work to find the final resting place but in Christianity they were born there.

In Spite of all that, there endings are both very extraordinary. In Native American myth, the priest of the north led them to their new world. Then throughout a series of nights the brothers went around using a ceremonial stone knife forming the image of man today. After a while, too many people lived in in spot so they all separated between the north, south, east and west. In Christianity, after Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden God placed a cherubium, a flaming sword, which turned every way to guard the tree of eternal life. If one where to follow the flow of both myths, Native Americans worked their way up to their holy place unlike Christianity; they were already there but got kicked out for breaking the will of God.

All religions are different in some way. This is noted in both Christianity and Native American mythology. The differences of the creation myths may come as shock for someone who only grew up knowing one or the other. Despite their differences someone can always compare and contrast the myths.

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