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Museum of Art

I visited the Orlando Museum of Art. While there, I saw many portraits, marble statues, and some more unusual, that materials used in artists' works. There were so many portraits there I was forced to pick out my favorites. The ones that especially caught my attention were The Portrait of Georgia O'Keeffe, Portrait of Three Children, and Black Pillow. In Portrait of Georgia O' Keefe, 1956, by Candian Yoasuf Karsh it includes different animal skins and gnawed wood. This one looked pretty fascinating to the eye because the image was flat yet it showed an enormous quality of detail creating a surreal image. The Portrait of Three Children, 1809, was a more neoclassical type of painting that could be noted from the round children's faces and the golden rings they were wearing while for The West Wind, 2008, I thought the hidden message of the painting was quite fascinating; on the outside a person sees a farmer watering his corn with oil and there are satellite flying above him. The hidden message was about how technology has consumed farms with tractors and pesticides that have helped their fields grow larger fruits and vegetables.

There were also some particularly interesting art made out of marble and tissue paper. There was a statue called The West Wind, 1874, made completely out of marble. It was used as a symbol to representing America's opptismisiom by her striking pose of having her hands in the air and having her feet on opposite ends of each other similar to a type of dance pose. She also had stars on her belt she was wearing. This statue was designed by Thomas Ridgeway. Lastly, one shocking image I saw was by Jim Hodges Arena II, 2008. He used plastic tissue paper similar to the plastic used to set on plates to prevent food from sticking to create clouds. This is a common tactic of newer artists to find and use more creative things to design works of art.

As once said by Enid Schildkrout, "Art connects the individual to the community..." This is a message clearly indicated by the each period's paintings, statues, or other nontraditional materials. Art is basically a mood of expression which is driven by societies outside stimulus. The changes in art through the different time periods were very fascinating to me.

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