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Look Out!

In today's world, we believe in many different things. Often times, the belief is so strong it develops its own type of society or concept such as religion. More often than not today, there is always a fear of a zombie apocalypse. This concept has been used time and time again. The elements have been emphasized through concepts, necessary events, and chaos.

The continuous concepts used in the modern zombie apocalypse are simple. Often times it is as a result from genetic engineering or some type of cure for cancer as can be seen in the movie, I am legion. Also, it could be a T-Virus, Resident Evil 4 or it could be some out-break infection that spreads to all know towns and cities, Left 4 Dead 2. The Resident Evil movie illustrates a good concept that the United States or other powerful countries may follow, which is; develop bases underground in hopes of making a cure. There also is cunning TV series that illustrate the after math people who have not been infected will face, The Walking Dead. Just when everyone lets there guard down and believes they discovered a miracle, the tables turn.

In all of these concepts there are necessary elements that are always true. The outbreak must be too overwhelming for any type of military groups to handle. The growth rate of infected far surpasses what the governments predicted and no one is ever prepared to compound the situation. In the after math, people want to evacuate to escape from this outbreak but more often than not there is always a gas shortage of some type which prevents most. Violence will always breakout where ever a person may go which involves the death of innocent lives just for the fight of survival.

The chaos throughout these scenarios is remarkably grim. Often times people associate zombies controlling the world with malicious violence, constant slaughter and never ending death. The winners of battles are merely associated with brute strength or the amount of bullets one contains. Many times survival rules are developed by groups that may form to stay alive as can be seen in Zombie Land.

All of these elements reflect society as a whole. This illustrates are innate fear for survivals re-merging through are games, movies, and TV series. The stories will always be constantly developing and changing based on our cultural shifts such as technology or genetic engineering. Life as a whole never changes it is just interpreted differently based on cultural ideas of the time.

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