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SOMEWHERE I BELONG by Linkin Park Song Analysis

Linkin Park's song "Somewhere I Belong" begins with a beat that starts out soft and then suddenly grows stronger which signals for something to begin. The line "I had nothing to say..." shows the position of the singer and reading further into the song explains why. In the chorus, the words "I was confused" shows that the singer had nothing to say because he was he had no idea what to say. The importance of these first few lines is to show how the singer feels when the song first begins. The beat during the first few lines is pleasing yet uncertain of where it might go next. When the singer says "... all that they can see [is] the words revealed..." it begins to show the pieces of the puzzle figured out.

The song then begins to spiral downhill even more when the chorus sings "Nothing to Lose". This is a moving point for the song because it begins a direction in the uncertain tone of the song. The line following it "...Just stuck, hollow and alone..." begins to tell the story of the singer. He is stuck in this dark place because "...The fault is my own..." The dark place is the metaphoric area inside his mind. He is confused because he does not know how to get out and he is all alone.

After this line, the songs tone, mood, and imagery change drastically. A new singer comes into play and screams, " I want to heal" but just the way the screaming comes out and the way it is depicted in the music video, the person screaming appears to be the original singers inside coming out to ask for help. This becomes even clearer the further the viewer gets into the song. When the viewer hears the line "I wanna let go of the pain" it replicates the singer's earlier point, "I wanna heal". A few lines down, the chorus says, in a begging tone, "Erase all the pain till it's gone". This shows how the singer is in a great amount of pain.

When the singer begins to get attention from all of his cries, he is overwhelmed by the response, he then later says "What do I have but negativity cause I can't justify way everyone is looking at me" the singer is talking about his reaction to all of the attention. Just like any sick or injured person, they push the people that get near them away because they are scared at what they might do to them. This writer believes that this line in particular emphasizes how the singer is truly human.

Then the song begins to take another drastic turn when the singer says, "...I will never know... until I do this on my own..." the singers tone changes to anger and the beat of the song becomes an even faster tempo than before. This dramatic change of events signifies the start of the healing process. The singer then mentions "...until my wounds are healed..." further supporting how determined the singer is to erasing all of his pain. A few lines down, the singer admits he has a problem and claims "I will never be anything till I break away from me" the singer is talking about breaking out of his shell and coming part of the world.

Then throughout the rest of the song, the singer is battling his pain. Every other stanza has the singer saying "...I wanna heal, I wanna feel..." this repetition of lines shows the singer motivation for his overall goal which is to remove all of his pain. At the very last line of the song "Somewhere I belong" shows that the singer is not hindered by his problem anymore.

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