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Linkin Park Biography

Linkin Park began as a band that specialized in mixed rock, rap, and electronica. The founding members of Linkin Park consisted of Brad Delson, guitar and bass; Mike Shinoda, vocals and emcee; and Rob Bourdon, drums. The band was originally named Xero; the band members formed this band because of their inspiration the got from Nine Inch Nails and Deftones. The group began to recruit members to get the man-power they needed for record deals. (Linkin Park Biography)

At an art school, they met Joseph Hahn who was very exceptional at being a Disc jockey. Hahn decided to join the band after hearing some of the samples the band had already made. Hahn was amazed at their work and joined the band. Even after Hahn joined the band, the record companies still did not wish to do a record deal. The band was determined to get a record deal, so they formed "LPUnderground" community. The band changed its name to Hybrid Theory later on, in hopes of a fresh start. The band continued for years and acquired over one thousand fans, but the record companies did not even care. (Linkin Park Biography)

Later, they found Chester Bennington whose powerful energy in his voice combined with the bands existing energy gave the band the push it needed to get noticed by the record companies. As soon as Warner Brother's label heard their demo, they were taken in by the band's power and also Bennington ability to hold a note even at a primordial scream. (Linkin Park Biography)

During the process of making the record deal, the band ran into a predicament. They had recently changed their name to Hybrid Theory and now, the record deal was forcing them to change their name due to legal reasons. At initial thought, they were worried about losing local fans, but they found out later on, when they went on their first tour, they found out that their new band name, Linkin Park, was extremely well known everywhere they went. (Linkin Park Biography)

After a successful tour, they wanted to record their songs and make an album. Warner Brothers Pulled out all the stops when it came to getting a well known manager and producer, Don Gilmore. The first album they produced was Hybrid Theory. They picked that name to honor their old band name. After the album was released, Linkin Park was at the top of the charts, the band itself was at the top of their game as well. The band's name, Linkin Park, became a house hold name with songs such as, "Crawling" and "One Step Closer". After the band released the album, they began to go on tour again in 2001. 2001 became their busiest year ever due to back to back gigs. They were so busy; they had to convert one of their tour buses into a "mobile" recording studio. (Linkin Park Biography)

Later the band released Reanimation as a filler so, they would have more time to release their next album Meteora. To Linkin Park's surprise, Reanimation became a very popular album, fast! Rolling Stones even said, "... [their album has a] heavy influence into something fresh and tuneful..." (Linkin Park Biography)

After painful motivation, they released Meteora in March of 2003. The album was very popular and it sold 810,000 units worldwide. In 2004 Linkin Park won a Grammy Award for best rock instrumental performance. In 2007 the won an Kerang Award for best music video for the song "What I've Done" and in 2010 they won another Grammy Award for best hard rock performance. (Linkin Park Awards and Nominations)

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