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Life Is Strange Game Review

The first episode in this five part series introduces powerful elements such as the ability to rewind time, intriguing graphics style and tailored story ( based on user decisions). The story is lead by a female lead Maxine Caulfiel, a senior, film student who just returned to Arcadia Bay after five years to find her best friend Chloe Price appearance and life style choices dramatically changed. To make Maxine Caulfiel more confusing she discovers she has the ability to rewind time by holding her hand in front of her (the game deploys her ability using the right hand).

Now this comes with a cost, if Maxine Caulfiel uses it too long she will begin to get nose bleeds or black out in extreme cases. Should Maxine Caulfiel use her powers for good? For evil? You decide! The developers at Dontod Entertainment were asked by many of their publishers to change the female lead to a male lead. Dontod Entertainment refused this crazy claim to destroy their story they spent so much time writing and developing. Finally, Square Enix accepted their game as is, no changes needed. The constant demand to change the leads from Females to a male lead has lead to a controversial backlash in the online communities. If you wish to enjoy this fantastic game, look at the links below.

Rating: 10/10 - Amazing!

Dontod Entertainment : Life is Strange Website

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