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Health Care?

Public health care is a pressing issue today. It decides if millions of uninsured people become insured or remain uninsured. If public health care is passed all of those people will become covered but, at what cost? The cost of universal health care is tremendous; it will have to cover forty-five million Americans across the country. Just recently the house and senate both passed a health care bill. This bill is supposed to cover those forty-five millions Americans. In the bill that both the house and senate agreed on they decide that anyone whose health care plan cost more than $20,000 a year will have to pay a two percent tax at the end of the year.

Now, even though the house agreed to this bill, they do not like the way the senate plans to save up more for this universal health care, coverage is suppose to start 2013, the house alongside passing the health care bill, is passing a reconciliation bill as well which changes the way the government gathers the money for the health care bill. The reconciliation bill changes the way they save up money by taking Americans who make over one million dollars a year by an additional two percent. Most Americans find this to be a fairer plan.

Health care Reform is coming, if someone wants it or not. The plans seems pretty unreasonable and the cost is still imminence with little return.

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