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Have you heard of HitBliss? HitBliss is a wonderful program that users can sign-up for and download to their computer for free. It allows users to watch movies or T.V. series that would normally be required to pay for.

Break Down:

Find your favorite Movies or T.V. shows -->Watch advertisements to pay for it -->Enjoy your show.

It doesn't stop there though; HitBliss plans to expand to other markets as well such as:

A) Direct Payment(to you) via Paypal

B) Gift Cards

C) Microsoft Points

D) Wii Points

E) Ebay Purchases

F) Amazon Purchases

HitBliss is trying to become a place where anyone can watch advertisements, get paid money, and then use HitBliss as a method of payment for whatever the user desires. For example, a new video game at the store cost $59.99, all you have to do is watch advertisements for an hour and you could buy it using the money you earned threw HitBliss. Keep in mind, they are currently still in Beta, bug testing, so they have not had much time to expand to other markets. As of right now, you can only rent movies and T.V. shows to be streamed to your computer.

1) How quickly do I earn money?

Let's put it this way, unless you are an engineer or a profitable business more than likely you will earn money faster on HitBliss than your own job, here is why.

My HitBliss was set to "No Personalization" meaning I told them no information about me, I did not allow them to see my internet history, personal interest, etc. After watching (5) five minutes of commercials on HitBliss I earned $5 dollars. That is (1) one dollar a minute or (60) sixty dollars an hour. If I had filled out information about myself, my age, yearly income, access to my internet history or race, I would have earned the same amount of money in about half the time. What information you tell HitBliss does affect how much more money you earn per minute.

2) Privacy Concerns: Is it safe to give my information to HitBliss?

You are not giving your information to HitBliss or Advertising companies! Explained below!

When you enter information to HitBliss the data stays on your computer and never leaves it. When the user begins to pull advertisements to watch it, the advertisement goes to the user's computer. The filter (Your Personal information) settings on YOUR computer check the advertisement requirements. The closer the advertiser's requirements match your filter settings; the more you get paid. They same goes in the opposite direction though, the less your information matches the advertisements requires the less you get paid.

Simple Terms:

Advertisement -->User's Computer -->Filter Checks (On Your Computer Only) -->Your Computer Responds, "Nope, this advertisement is not related to the user." -->Skips the Advertisement


Vice Vera (Below):

Advertisement -->User's Computer -->Filter Checks (On Your Computer Only) -->Your Computer Responds, "Yeah, this looks good. Play the advertisement" -->Advertisement begins -->Earn Money!

Now keep in mind, this is just broken down slowly. This process will happen and be finished before you can blink your eyes. Remember now, the information is ONLY stored on your computer so if you were to sign into your account on another computer, you would have to reenter the information on that computer to earn money faster. Now since the information is only stored on your computer, you need to remember to protect yourself with some type of anti-virus if not already!

While watching Advertisements, I was offered $2 on Hitbliss to complete a short survey at random, took me no more than thirty seconds to one minute.

3) WAIT A SECOND, Why would they pay me so much?

It is actually very simple. Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising every year, if they know for certain that the consumer is seeing their product they are willing to pay the big bucks. HitBliss has gotten to be so popular because they can guarantee that the user is viewing the advertisement with their Patient pending process. Here are some basics:

1) HitBliss will monitor your computer to make your volume is NOT muted or too low to be easily heard. The advertisement will pause till the problem is fixed.

2) If you click out of the HitBliss program on your computer and pull another window on your computer the advertisements will pause.

3) While watching the Advertisements, a "Click Me" button will appear below the advertisement window (the location moves around a little bit). The faster your response the quicker your "Trust Level" will rise. The higher your trust level:

a. Fewer "Click Me" buttons

b. Earn Money Faster

c. If you fail to press the "Click Me" button you will LOSE ALL MONEY up till the last time you successfully pressed the "Click Me" button. This is your unofficial job, if you do not respond, they DO NOT pay. Advertisers are willing to pay the large amounts of money if they know they have your attention because in the long run they will make more money in the end.

Now, these are just some of the key basics ones. There are numerous other techniques they follow to ensure you are watching.

Unfortunately, not everyone likes HitBliss. Hulu, a popular streaming site, felt so threaten by HitBliss remarkably successful program that they have launched a "smear campaign" attacking HitBliss at every turn. It is just sad that Hulu would even consider doing this instead of becoming a partnership with HitBliss. This just goes to show you how greedy they have become, no offense to Hulu.

Now, if you were to remember anything from this article, remember this!

HitBliss: Watch Ads. Make Money. Watch What You Want.

Putting advertisement control back into your hands.

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