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Global Warming Problems

It is not like we need oxygen to breath. In today's world we rely on our cars to get us around but did we ever stop to think about what the effect was? Cars produce billions of gallons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) a year which has devastating results on our earth's ecosystem; such as a rise in the world's global temperature. There is proof throughout the entire world showing how humans are the ones to blame. Global Warming is a real threat and there is evidence all over the world to prove it.

The first problem is that temperatures are increasing throughout the world. A perfect planetary ecosystem is essential for our daily lives but due to the increasing pollution caused by a continuous supply of CO2 gas. It is truly scary that "The globally averaged temperature of the planet has been 57 degrees/ using the finest equipment, tell us that it's headed toward 61 or 62 or 63 degrees" (Bill 18). This may seem very mild from a narrow minded point of view but if someone looks at the increase in temperatures for the last 1000 years we have "Only increased by zero point one degree for every 100 years and for the last 200 years by a dramatic five point two degrees,"(U.S. Department of Commerce). This is truly scary for all environments, but especially for the north and south poles. The ecosystem there has been "with every issue of Science and Nature/each new temperature [is] record[ed]" (Mckibben 19). The amount of ice coverage in the natural environment has shirked significantly causing the animals there to go longer and longer without food after their hibernation. This increase in "time it takes for the ice to refreeze during the summer months has increased the local animal death rate" (Mckibben 19).

The next shocking issue is that humans create large quantities of population that increase the effects of global warming. It became clear in the 1980s when research done by Svante Arrhenius discovered how the "effects of greenhouse gasses increased the world's air temperature like a heater"(Wunsch). He saw that the world has a natural cooling period which lowered the world's temperature " 1.1% per Annual" (Yetrie 194). He noticed through a twenty year study that the world average temperature is increasing by five percent a year; the world was basically not cooling down but heating up (Yetrie 194). This cause a side studies to occur " GW had prompted scientists, environmentalists and international institutions to shift their focus on more Involvement of the communities in general " (Yetrie 194). They discovered that natural disasters were actual cooling the earth and over the twenty year period "they noticed natural disasters had become more dramatic every year as well" (Yetrie 194). He theorized it was to account for the increase in temperatures that humans were causing. He claims that " escalating emissions of carbon dioxide due to human activities," needs to stop right now and we need to go in reverse (Yetrie 194).

On the other hand, some critics are claiming that the heating of the earth is a natural occurrence. Research done by Carl Wunsch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology "used observations taken from buoys to build a model of Atlantic circulation" discovered that the world natural increases in temperature and inversely shows how the ice caps metal more every year (Wunsch). He claims that the effects of natural global warming persists for a period of "changes could persist over months or even years" (Wunsch).If his findings our correct, it could account for the vast temperature increase over the past 10,000 years.

Another common claim is that there is no science out there that proves global warming exists. In an article done by Jason Lee Steorts "Scare of the Century," it claims that global warming is only actually proven by the metaling of the ice. He says that there is no scientific way of proving that the metaling of the ice is being caused by global warming. People have just "been used[ing] as proof of global warming" ( Wroblewski). If I person where to look at it in a basic science perspective "ice melts when you crank up the heat" ( Wroblewski). This starts to sounds correct for a moment but if someone were to look back and realize that CO2 gas increases the world's air temperatures like a heater. They would quickly notice that Jason Lee Steorts theory is quickly disproven. James Beattie had it right when he preached, "Be ignorance thy choice, where knowledge leads to woe." This can be seen with claims that global warming is natural. Global warming is defiantly real and the evidence out there to prove it is overwhelming. The world's temperature is increasing and it consistently causes by humans disregard for their heavy amounts of CO2 gas pollution. One can claim global warming is natural but they will find their lack of evidence discredits them immediately.

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