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My Most and Least Favorite Fictional Character

Throughout this writer's journey, there have been many characters that have crossed my path. Seeing all those characters have caused me develop my most favorite and least favorite fictional character. After reading the primary works this writer chose "The Necklace" by Maupassant and "Lunch" by Monninger. This writer chose Mathilde as my favorite character and The Narrator as my least favorite.

In "The Necklace" by Maupassant Mathilde is my favorite character. She has many clever qualities that this writer likes. In the story, Mathilde has just lost the necklace and is sitting distraught in her bed room. They have decided to replace the necklace. Then, "The next day they took the box which contained it, and they went to a jeweler[…]" (Maupassant 16). Right there, the next day, Mathilde did not let the lost hold her down. She bounced right back up onto the road of recovery. She worked like a mad man, which includes, washing greasy pots and pans with her perfect looking finger nails. She began to do laundry and even as so far as to dress in common clothes to what people around her was wearing. All this, work, effort, demonstrates cleverness because most people who leave a perfect world like her own, would be completely clueless. They would have no idea where to go, what to do, or how to do it. They even went as far as making excuses to keep Madam Forestier at bay by giving her excuses such we broke it and we are getting it fixed. All of these elements are why this writer's favorite character is Mathilde.

In "Lunch" by Monninger this writer's least favorite character is the Narrator. This writer hates the stalker elements that the Narrator displays. The Narrator is at the beach sitting in a bar. The Narrator chooses to anonymously send a drink to his ex-wife telling her that she is still beautiful. The Narrator then preaches, "I haven't seen her in over nine years. I want to keep it that way" (Monninger 4). If that is the Narrator defense, why is he sending a drink? The best way to avoid it all together is just get your food and drink while not making eye contact yet throughout the whole story he follows his ex-wife with her new husband. The Narrator even went as far as to follow his ex-wife's husband into the bathroom to check out his competition. Which is just creepy in this writer's opinion because it is not like both of them are going to battle it out and the winner gets the wife. Life does not work that way and the Narrator needs to wake up and smell the daisies. All of these elements are why this writer's least favorite character is the Narrator.

The journey was long and full of many different characters but there is only one favorite and least favorite. My favorite was "The Necklace" by Maupassant Mathilde and my least favorite was "Lunch" by Monninger Narrator. Both characters were very different but they were entertaining to read.

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