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A Doormat Friend

When my friend, Frank, was in the younger years of middle school, it was a time of defining one's self. He was not the talkative type, so when the teacher would call on him in class he would be shy to answer so, I would always make it a point to say the answer louder for the teacher.

Frank always thanked anyone who helped him. One day at lunch time when Frank was eating a Honey Bun, a tasty cinnamon roll type of snack, this kid named Robby, also known as the worst bully ever, came up and smashed the honey bun into Frank's Face. Conveniently, no teachers ever saw Robby do anything wrong; they all just complained at the students for picking on Robby and developed a type of pity toward him. This cycle of Frank bringing his favorite snack to school and then having it smashed in his face continued every day. One day, Frank noticed the bully walking toward him in a "hip" or king of the school type of fashion and he got very nervous. Frank started to hide his favorite snack in his lunch box, but it was too late. Robby had already noticed Frank's movements and began to glare. Once Robby arrived at Frank's table, he began to make a hand gesture or a type of "give it here" gesture. Frank was in no mood to listen to Robby. Suddenly, seconds later Robby slammed his fist on the table with a furious fashion and let out a demonic howl. Something about Robby's actions made Frank become enraged as well. The two boys broke out into a fight which, finally, the teachers noticed, but of course the Principal right next to him could not get his decorative suit dirty so the principal signaled for the teachers to hurry over. While all this is happening, Frank and Robby are going neck-in-neck throwing chairs, food, drink, or whatever happens to be in reach at each other with a fiery passion. The fight scene and the crowd surrounding it were eventually dispersed by threats of detention and brute strength. The principal, immediately ended lunch and made all the students go back to their respective class rooms.

It was very unusual that Frank reacted so violently to Robby's aggressive behavior, since he had no prior history of reacting this way. Luckily, a camera that just so happened to be installed the day before, proved Robby started the fight. It was too bad that Frank got suspended for two weeks, but at least Robby got expelled from school. It is a wonderful thing that Frank reacted the way he did because now he is the most outgoing and talkative person in the entire school.

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