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Aram's Trouble

In the play Beast on the Moon, Aram's ordeal, caused life changing outcomes which prevent him from "living." Aram became an orphan when the Turks decapitated his mother, father, brother, and sister. Aram can not continue to "live" like a real person because Aram had an over whelming childhood struggle, Aram was to frighten from his past to not be different from his father, and Aram just wanted a family.

When Aram's family was killed by the Turks, this brought on heavy addiction to his father's ritual of running the house hold. Where the wife would server the family and was not permitted to speak much. Aram's father would read parts of the bible while his family sat around the table and listened to him.

Aram was frightened to be different from his father. Aram wished to continue his father's traditions because after his family was gone, that's all he had to go on. Plus it was his father's plan, which was to hide under his coat, which saved him.

Aram just wanted a family to counter balance the fact that his family was killed. He started his own family in attempt to try to fix the problem. He used his old family portrait to show progression for his new family which his wife, Seta, took an extreme disliking to. In the play Beast on the Moon it was said that Seta would cover it up with her blue sweater.

Aram's life changing experiences stopped him from living. These experiences forced him to fall on his father's methods. Aram's father's plan saved his life. Aram tried to make a new family.

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