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Amores Perros Film Analysis

In the film Amores Perros, directed by Alejando Gonz alez Inarritu, has a violent theme. This theme is seen throughout the entire movie through dog fighting and assonating other people. Octavio and Susana along with El Chivo y Maru are lacking a much needed relationship which forces Octavio and Chivo to preform illegal actives. Despite their large quantities of money they get from doing these actives, they both do not obtain their desired relationship. While portraying how daily events affect our behavior, it also demonstrates how desperate people become to deal with their problems.

Octavio and Chivo preform illegal actives to acquire money. Octavio is desperate for love, so in order to obtain it he does dog fighting to earn thousands of pesos a match while Chivo, on the other hand, earns hundreds of thousands of pesos assonating people. These two individuals are marked as villains in society and one would imminently assume that they are heartless individuals who should be in jail and possible receive the death sentence for murder. However, they both are actually pure hearted people who are just distressed with a lack of family relationship. They both only preform these illegal actives to gain the trust of Susana and Maru through bribing them with large quantities of cash in hopes of gaining a slim chance of acceptance.

Family challenges force Octavio and Chivo to have unusually family symbols. Different symbols are used throughout to represent family members for Octavio and Chivo. Octavio is desperate enough to use his brother's girlfriend as his family symbol, while Chivo, on the other hand, uses Cofi, Octavio's dog, and other dogs to take place as his family members. This may seem unusually for a normal person, but they both are fulfilling their innate need to communicate without this; a person could possibly go insane from the lack of communicating. These symbols work so well for the both of them because those individuals are neglected in some way. Susana is abused by Octavio's brother who causes Susana to lean toward Octavio affection while, Chivo picks up abandoned dogs and takes care of them when no one else would. Despite their unusual family choice, they do maintain their mental saneness.

Dogs play a key role for both Octavio and Chivo. Octavio uses Cofi to fight in a dog fighting arena to earn money and Chivo uses his dogs to maintain worldly connections. Chivo may seem strange to use dogs for his family, but due to previous agreements he must act as a dead person so, he is basically trying to start over with a clean slate. It is a shame that he could not find a job and reconnect with the world legally. Octavio, on the other hand, abuses cofi's trust and uses him as a tool for power and this can definitely be seen as a valiance act, but it is a shame that he could not step up to the plate and get a real job. Even out of love, he should not have even considered murdering other animals for a mere couple thousand pesos, which, does not even come close to how priceless that animals life truly is.

Murder can never be excused, for love or money. The cost of life is priceless and no one can deny that either Octavio or Chivo. The film thereby suggests that Octavio or Chivo are desperate to make connections with their family members. Alejandro Gonz alez Inarritu suggests in Amores Perros, that Octavio and Susana along with El Chivo y Maru will never truly become family, but they could possibly make amends with each other. The characters may still have some emotionally shackles, but they have formulated a better understanding about what to do in life in Amores Perros.

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